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Buyer’s Rebates

Posted by Jacob Marsden on 2020-02-14

Having a Realtor like myself representing you, can make an otherwise impossible deal, possible.

How? Because I’m willing to give up a portion of my commission in order to save a deal!

Picture this, you’re approved for a $300,000 home and that’s your absolute limit. You have your heart set on a home that’s a little over your price range, let’s say, $315,000. Some Realtors wouldn’t even show you that home, but I will, Why? Because, I love to negotiate. Mainly, I love see see my clients win!

We offer the seller the $300K, and they counteroffer $310K. We know the seller won’t do the $300K, so what do we do now? Most Realtors would walk away, but I’m willing to use a portion of my commission to negotiate further. How this scenario turns out, and how much I make, all depends upon my negotiation skills. Every situation is different.

The offering of a portion of a Realtor’s commission is commonly referred to as a “buyer rebate” or “commission credits”.

I really do love helping people and I’d love to help you. I would love to be your Realtor!

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